The Most Important Name

It's all in the name...

# Title Length
1 The Most Important Name 7:00
This is a dramatic orchestral piece inspired by the most important person in my life... It's part of an album of orchestral music I'm working on at the moment that will see the light of day sometime in Spring 2024. Here's the story of how this piece came to exist... For my wife's birthday I pledged to her that I would write a piece of music using her full name. She has a first name, 2 middle names, and a double-barreled surname so that's 5 different themes to interweave into a piece of music. If you're interested in how it all came together... The melodies and motifs were worked out by mapping her names onto the piano keyboard... so any letter from A-G would obviously be those notes... continuing up the keyboard maps the following would make an H into an A; I into a B; etc all the way to Z. The first time any of the melodies/motifs from one of her names appears it is using the exact notes in the correct order. If it's repeated later in the piece when I interweave her various names then it may not be in the same key using the same notes.