About Purple Rhapsody

What is Purple Rhapsody?

Purple Rhapsody is a solo musical project where emotion is the key ingredient. From upbeat EDM to relaxing piano and everything in-between, the intent is to create instrumental music worth listening to, not just to be used as background music.

The project started back in 2005 and is still going strong today with regular releases. Check out the links in the menu to catch up with Purple Rhapsody on social media and streaming sites.

Who is Purple Rhapsody?

The man behind Purple Rhapsody is Terry Mallory-Robinson. When he was a boy his parents forced him into piano lessons and after a couple of years he realised he was actually enjoying them and never looked back! In his teens he started writing his own music - which, to be honest, wasn't that great - but as time went by he finally started writing music he was happy to share with the world.

If you want to get in touch with Terry to discuss collaborations or soundtracks please do so via Twitter or SoundCloud.

Where can I listen?

The official releases are available globally, on all streaming platforms, and there are some links in the menu. Additionally, Terry posts a lot of works in progress or new pieces that are not yet formally released on his SoundCloud page.