The Hero Within

Find the hero within yourself.

# Title Length
1 The Most Important Name 7:00
This is a dramatic orchestral piece inspired by the most important person in my life... Here's the story of how this piece came to exist... For my wife's birthday I pledged to her that I would write a piece of music using her full name. She has a first name, 2 middle names, and a double-barreled surname so that's 5 different themes to interweave into a piece of music. If you're interested in how it all came together... The melodies and motifs were worked out by mapping her names onto the piano keyboard... so any letter from A-G would obviously be those notes... continuing up the keyboard maps the following would make an H into an A; I into a B; etc all the way to Z. The first time any of the melodies/motifs from one of her names appears it is using the exact notes in the correct order. If it's repeated later in the piece when I interweave her various names then it may not be in the same key using the same notes.
2 Remembering The Heroes 7:54
Heroes will always be remembered. Remember the good days, the heroic days, and spare a thought for those that survive.
3 Epiphany 4:20
Building up to that moment... the moment when it all becomes clear... the epiphany.
4 Fanfare 5:42
Every hero deserves a fanfare along with some moments of introspection. (This piece is essentially a few variations on the original brass melody. It comes back in different rhythms and different parts repeated throughout the piece - ending with a triumphant repeat at the end with different chords under the melody.)
5 Masquerade 12:28
Imagine a masquerade, a masked ball. People sizing each other up, others being romantic, shy, coquettish Moments of peace, drama, sadness, and obviously the dancing!
6 Esperanza 4:26
Esperanza is simply a tale of hope. Everyone has hopes and dreams - from the small to the heroic. Find the hero inside and fulfil your hopes.
7 A Day In Your Life 8:12
Imagine a day in YOUR life with this soundtrack. You don't need to be a firefighter or paramedic to have an epic day... even if your most epic moment of the day is boiling the kettle for your morning coffee. Every personal triumph is epic to you so just imagine it with this soundtrack!