The Gathering Storm

Moody piano pieces - as the clouds gather.

# Title Length
1 Melodrama Suspended 4:40
After the most infuriatingly stressful day at work this piece of music came to me when I sat down at the piano - and I realised that letting work stress me out and make me all grumpy was really just major melodrama on my part - hence the title of the piece.
2 (When It All Comes) Crashing Down 3:13
The title of this piece says it all really!!!
3 The Bright Side 2:23
In all things there is a dark side and a bright side... this is the bright side!!!
4 Between 3:02
I sat down at the piano to play some music... but I couldn't decide what I wanted to play. So I wrote this!
5 New Fingers 3:35
I got a new piano with a completely different feel to it, much more realistic. This means that the patterns" of notes I often play felt completely different so it was more like I had new fingers!!!"
6 Départ Romantique 3:13
Drama, mystique intrigue, love - everything that makes up a romantic separation in the old black and white movies.
7 Becalmed 3:30
I had the idea to record a few pieces of music inspired by different states of water but in the end I only wrote this one. I think the title says it all...
8 Anticipating 2:20
I sat at the piano, waiting for my PC to boot before working on some existing music... and while just twiddling about with some random notes this came to me! Wherever my muse is... thank you!
9 In Search of Fortitude 4:13
Written when I was feeling low due to multiple family members being seriously unwell and I was having a stressful time on a long court case for which I was serving on the Jury... I was feeling low and in need of strength to deal with the emotional onslaught. Still... people do say there's no art without emotion so at least something positive came out of it!
10 While You Sleep 2:08
Simple piano piece. Put everything aside and let this piece smooth the cares away ;-)
11 Gentle Breath of Twlight 3:06
Written in the twilight of a relaxing day this piece kind of gently meanders along - relaxing and chilling.
12 (Wishing For) Simplicity 2:43
Does anyone wish we lived in simpler times? I did while writing this.
13 Pausing for Breath 2:42
That moment when you finally get the chance to pause for breath in the midst of complete chaos.
14 (In)decision 3:59
Inspired while playing the piano for the first time in a couple of weeks... this didn't change much from first inspiration to recording it 10 minutes later!
15 End of the Day 3:49
At the end of a fantastic day this piece of music came to me - I'm not actually sure if it's happy, sad, indifferent :-) or something else but I like it! The mood for this came upon me while sitting on the couch, I felt an urge to go to the piano and play, and 5 minutes later... here it was. All I did was practice it a little before recording the final version.
16 Good Night, Sleep Tight 1:18
Good night, and thanks for listening <3