New Direction (Electronica 1.0)

A quest, and some dancing!

# Title Length
1 The Quest 22:48
The Quest is a journey in six parts. This 22 minute piece is also split into its individual parts as separate tracks. This depicts Leaving Home, going on the Journey, Trepidation, Ascent to the Summit, and then reviewing the achievements of the journey that led to success!
2 The Morning After the Night Before 6:33
We've all had that morning after... slow, heavy, hard to get going... the night before was awesome... but there's a price to pay!
3 The Night Before the Morning After 5:36
The night before... was... AWESOME!
4 Third Bass 3:49
Inspired by a bass line created by my wife (unofficially credited, she doesn't want the royalties!!!) this combines a dramatic start with high energy rhythm and classic synth sounds.
5 Pirates! (Electro Version) 9:23
After a slow build this turns into a full on EDM number... It's based on the original piano piece called Pirates" which is on the Purple Rhapsody "Heart" album - but that was just solo piano
6 Leaving Home (The Quest, Pt. 1) 5:24
The anticipation, the routine of preparation, and setting off on a quest.
7 The Journey (The Quest, Pt. 2) 4:30
This is about the journey to get there... the routine of day after day almost in limbo waiting to get to the destination.
8 Trepidation (The Quest, Pt. 3) 1:24
The night before, the unassailable mountain looms... sleeplessness lies ahead before the ascent tomorrow.
9 Ascent (The Quest, Pt. 4) 3:18
Making the ascent to the top - the rush of adrenaline, the excitement... excitement fades as the enormity of the quest sinks in - then the second wind kicks in.
10 The Summit (The Quest, Pt. 5) 3:58
You've reached the summit! Take a breath and marvel at the view. Think about all you've done to get here.
11 Conquered (The Quest, Pt. 6) 3:52
This section is looking back at the whole quest... Made it to the top of the world and changed your life. Now looking back, the same themes seem different when viewed from a different perspective. Same melodies, different perspective!