Momentary Muse

Short piano pieces recorded straight from my muse.

# Title Length
1 Falling Cherry Blossom 2:41
The window was open and the blossom blew in on a strong wind, and as I looked out into a whirlwind of pink blossom from the tree in my garden this piece came to me - not many things are as inspiring as nature herself.
2 Dilapidated 2:22
A dilapidated room, all falling apart, wallpaper peeling off the walls,rotten floor boards, broken windows... and a piano in pristine condition. Sitting at that perfect piano surrounded by dreary dilapidation, what music might you play?
3 Grasshopeers 3:09
Jumping about on the piano keyboard!
4 Keep Moving 3:50
This was written in a strange frame of mind and I think the music reflects that. It's a strange mix of upbeat and dramatic which seems to steamroller from section to section with only a little respite.
5 Winter's Chill 3:53
Inspired by the chill of winter that a lot of us are feeling right now. I sat down at the piano with an image in my head of cold, frosty fields and snow covered trees and out came this piece of music.
6 Legions of Poppies 5:52
My wife bought a fabulous original watercolour painting of purple poppies and she left it on the music stand of my piano. As I sat down to practice I gazed at the painting and improvised this track. It has two aspects - the present day image of poppies blowing in the wind and the associated remembrance of soldiers who died in battle.
7 Looking Back 3:46
Written at the end of 2013, this looks back over the year.
8 Waves 3:21
Inspired by wet weather in Manchester, UK - this was written to evoke the feelings and images of waves.
9 Waiting 3:54
While sitting waiting patiently for a reply to a message I decided to sit at the piano to while away the time, and this piece came flowing out. Not my usual style at all, I don't think (although you can feel free to disagree!), so I hope you enjoy it.
10 Romance in E Minor 2:27
I sat at the piano to practice... and instead of practising this piece came to my fingers instead.
11 ...and the Moon Dreamed of Greater Things 4:00
Inspired" by a friend and colleague losing his job at the same place I worked... and not knowing whether I'd still have a job when I went back the next day."
12 Changing Direction 4:59
This piece couldn't decide whether it should be loud or quiet - and it's both. To my mind this marks a different style for me - less about left hand arpeggios and more about contrasting sections - however to the casual listener it still probably sounds like I'm having a temper tantrum with my piano ;-)
13 Summer Breeze 2:39
In the UK we'd been having a marvellous heatwave - so on that hot Friday night I decided to sit at the piano and write myself a summer breeze. It's very simple and I'm worried it might be a little too basic and twee, but hey - it's a summer breeze, it's not meant to be deep an meaningful!
14 Fire and Ice 4:24
Slightly unusual track from me - improvised and then recorded without practising it to death.
15 (Un)resolution 3:21
Very atmospheric - filled with chords and progressions that I don't normally use.
16 Courage 4:54
This came to me at the end of a nerve-wracking day when I had to pluck up the courage to do something outside of my normal comfort zone...