Menagerie À Treize

An orchestral collection of animal behaviour.

# Title Length
1 Dolphins 4:12
Sailing the high seas with dolphins swimming, jumping, and cavorting off the bow.
2 Butterflies 2:08
Butterflies fluttering by - a solo piano piece.
3 Early Bird (Waiting for the Worm) 3:22
Early morning sunrise, nothing stirs, except for the bird, the early one, perched on a branch... waiting for it's breakfast to appear.
4 Goslings 2:19
Little goslings following mother goose along the road... trying their best to keep up and march in time.
5 Ants 4:52
From our viewpoint ants scurry around non-stop, with almost military precision. But what if we slowed time down to view it from an ant's perspective? This piano duet has two sides to it - our viewpoint and theirs.
6 Penguins 4:12
So comical on land but so elegant soaring through the water! This track captures both the comedy and the elegance.
7 Hibernation 3:55
Partially inspired by the UK John Lewis advert a few Christmasses ago... but in this version the bear actually slumbers from Autumn, through the falling snowflakes, until finally awakening in Spring.
8 Grasshoppers 3:10
Jumping about on the piano keyboard!
9 Sloth 2:05
Slow and ponderous but also exceptionally cute and cuddly!
10 Kittens 4:51
Playful, naughty, boundless energy, extraordinarily cute when playing at hunting... but in their own minds and dreams they're grand lions, stalking their prey with cunning and stealth!
11 New Life 3:07
The joy of new life.
12 Lonely Life of the Albatross 3:29
A majestic albatross, soaring just above the waves.
13 Where the Buffalo Roam 7:32
American buffalo (or bison) roaming, fighting, stampeding and generally doing what buffaloes do all against a backdrop of prairies and nature reserves.