Mélange (Electronica 2.0)

Upbeat, positive, and fun!

# Title Length
1 (Wishing For) Ibiza Sunsets 5:04
Dance, EDM, and Flamenco fused together? Yes please! The inspiration for this arrangement is Ibiza, its clubs, and the Spanish Culture in general. I had a holiday in Ibiza last year and instead of getting depressed that another one planned for October might not be going ahead I decided to be positive and create this up-beat dance track while imagining dancing the night away in the clubs.
2 Now We Are Free 6:00
This tells a story, a quite personal one, of the stress and panic up until Covid Lockdown followed by the false peace of social distancing and finishing up with the anticipated freedom.
3 Intergalactic Mission 6:01
Fun track... starts off just floating in space... but turns into a mission to save the universe!
4 Trippin' on the Boardwalk 4:13
The phrase Trippin' on the Boardwalk" (and associated melody) has been going round my head on and off for about 30 years...! So I finally decided to do something with it."
5 Victorious 4:03
Inspired by the light at the end of the tunnel and envisioning what it will feel like to return to a semblance of normality after Covid. The piece starts with a simple bass and beat, and then evolves into an uplifting celebration evoking that YES!" moment that everyone has experienced at some point in their lives."
6 Electronic Hurricane 7:06
This is a reworking of a piece from my very first album (which is no longer available) called Hurricane. It's been re-energised for the 20s and is now a whirlwind of synths and guitar.
7 Apache One R U out There? 5:13
In the mid-90s I recorded a piece of music in my living room using an Amiga 1200 and some sound samples stolen from games. I loved it and it had quite a bit of character (to my young ears). Unfortunately it really wasn't all that good! Thanks to the wonders of modern technology I've updated it... replaced every sample with something recorded myself, or from a package I own, and completely re-recorded the whole thing.
8 Delayed Gratification 2:43
A slow build... tension... and then... after a couple of minutes... it comes... THE DROP! Seriously though, this track is about patience, just enjoying the groove, until the big drums kick in!