Keys of Freedom

Thinking of escape during lockdown...

# Title Length
1 Precipice (You Can Fly) 4:37
On the edge of a very high cliff, you can see the clouds below and, a long long way down you can see the ground. Imagine... just imagine... if... you could fly!
2 Revolving 4:17
During lockdown it felt like we were all on a fairground carousel that we couldn't get off. In lockdown, out of lockdown, back in again... R number lower, higher, then lower again... can't travel, can travel, can't travel... aaarrrgggghhhh!
3 After the Rain 3:43
After the rain, eyes closed, listening to the drips dropping from the trees.
4 Troubled Nightingales 4:33
A tribute to the UK NHS nurses dealing throughout Covid with not only the troubles of all their patients but doing so while they had their own troubles, stresses, and strains <3
5 Lost in Time 3:10
History repeats. Sometimes in different moods, or different outcomes, and always unpredictable
6 Riverbank 6:12
Just chillin' by the river...
7 Elephants in the Sky 4:50
Blue sky, white clouds being blown across it... use your imagination :-)
8 Missing You 3:20
When someone you love is absesnt, even for a few days, the heart and soul feel the emptiness even if you know it's not going to be for long.
9 Changing Seasons 4:44
Seasons change and so do I" as the old song says..."
10 Promise of Snow 4:10
The sky is heavy with clouds, the daylight dull like dusk at noon... snow is on the way but not quite here yet. Soon...
11 Absent 3:24
Written in memory of my late wife, Sara. Grief comes in waves and sometimes the only outlet is writing music
12 Lost at Sea 4:50
Sad piece about a pirate losing a loved one to the sea and lamenting forever more. A little too sad? Maybe...