Interludes and Epiphanies

Calm and inspiring piano.

# Title Length
1 On the Piano Cloud 6:57
A fun piano duet written to evoke the full feeling joy of being on cloud nine with a piano.
2 Unrest 4:54
I usually polish my pieces before allowing anyone to hear them. By that I mean I take them apart, figure out the best way to fit the pieces back together, discard any rubbish bits, and then put it all back together with practice and a shiny coating. But this time... here is a completely unpolished, warts and all"
3 Goodnight Kiss 1:40
Short and simple - an innocent goodnight kiss.
4 Adversity 2:58
Inspired by the achievements of paralympians at the 2012 Olympic Games.
5 Awakening 3:16
Slowly awakening... bit by bit, like a flower in spring.
6 Progression 5:42
Written as part of a challenge by a group of pianists to create a piece that you'd like to be remebered by... I didn't quite manage that, but the challenge did make me reflect on how my writing has progressed from simplistic, through complex, back to the realisation that simple is sometimes all that's needed; and the music in this piece reflects that realisation.
7 Snowfall 3:43
Watching the snow inspired me to improvise this piece. It could do with being polished up a bit but then it may lose it's sparkle so I decided to leave it as it is.
8 The Daily Grind 4:21
Day after day, the same routine, the same commute.
9 Chromatic Sadness 2:02
This was inspired by 2 things. (1) The hopelessness of a close friend trying to find a job in a struggling job market. (2) Chopin's Prelude #4 (Op28) which someone pointed out was in a descending chromatic scale. I don't take it as far as Chopin did but it certainly inspired the beginning of the pieve.
10 Meanderings in F Minor 3:32
I think this is the first track I ever recorded with gratuitous use of the 'middle' peddle on my piano (for those that don't know what it does... the notes that are currently held down when the peddle is pressed are then sustained until the peddle is lifted). There's gratuitous use of it for the left hand pedal notes from 2:30 onwards!
11 Turmoil 2:56
Another piece written for a challenge by a group of fellow pianists. This challenge was to take a series of notes and come up with a complete piece of music based on those notes. The notes given to us were the ones at the top of the melody from the start of the piece until 15 seconds in.
12 In Limbo 2:22
In limbo - how I felt at the time this was recorded.
13 Highs and Lows 4:00
Starts with the lows...
14 Bliss 4:26
This came to me while I was just about to start practising for a recital I'm performing at in a couple of weeks. I sat at the piano, in a very good, relaxed state of mind and just as I was about to start practising this idea came to me.
15 Celebration 2:42
Just a fun track - no pretensions, no fancy progressions of chords, just good times.