Infinity... Plus One

A journey into Infinity, and a little bit beyond.

# Title Length
1 Depths of Infinity (Infinity Part 1) 5:02
A journey into infinity - Part 1 of 9 - sets the scene and lays out the main melodies and chords for the whole piece.
2 Expanding Horizons (Infinity Part 2) 5:14
A journey into infinity - Part 2 of 9 - moving out into the infinite universe.
3 Blue Shift (Infinity Part 3) 3:52
A journey into infinity - Part 3 of 9 - as things expand away they have a 'red' tinge... as they come closer they have a 'blue' tinge... this is the blue.
4 Divide By Zero (Infinity Part 4) 4:32
A journey into infinity - Part 4 of 9 - a mathematical impossibility.
5 Chasing the Edge (Infinity Part 5) 2:24
A journey into infinity - Part 5 of 9 - the closer you get to the edge of infinity, the same distance you still have to travel.
6 Red Shift (Infinity Part 6) 3:21
A journey into infinity - Part 6 of 9 - this is the 'red' shift.
7 M-Theory (Infinity Part 7) 2:02
A journey into infinity - Part 7 of 9 - the theory of everything.
8 Standard Model (Infinity Part 8) 2:33
A journey into infinity - Part 8 of 9 - the building blocks of the universe.
9 Grand Unified Theory (Infinity Part 9) 3:51
A journey into infinity - Part 9 of 9 - even Einstein couldn't bring together a grand unified theory of how everything fits together.
10 Lemniscate 5:46
Lemniscate is the name given to a series of mathematical symbols that are 'figure of eights' - such as the Infinity symbol.
11 Ripples 6:36
Created for a compilation of music created by fans of Mike Oldfield - this is no a cover, nor a pastiche, just something in the Purple Rhapsody style that Mike Oldfield fans may also like.
12 Frictionless Echoes 2:58
This track came from nowhere while just fiddling about on my guitar. the beginning arpeggio sequence fell underneath my fingers and the rest of the track fell into place with it. Originally this was going to be one of the few Purple Rhapsody tracks without piano, but the middle section wasn't right and when it was recorded again it was a piano-based section that fit nicely.
13 Möbius 8:13
The Möbius strip is a piece of paper joined together in such a way that it only has one side.