In Dreams

An album of music inspired by dreams, ambitions, and nightmares!

# Title Length
1 The Mirror of Her Dreams 5:58
Inspired by the Mordant's Need books by Stephen R Donaldson - this is a ride into another world where mirrors don't reflect.
2 Anniversary 4:46
Written for a family anniversary - the two separate melodies are individual people, starting off independent but becoming inseparably intertwined by the end.
3 In Dreams 4:28
In the peace of dreams.
4 Voyages in the Wilderness 12:19
In biblical times someone would go into the desert or wilderness for 40 days and 40 nights. This idea is rife in myths, legends, and realities and this piece tells the story of somone on walkabout in the wilderness.
5 Aftermath 5:37
You wake up from a nightmare - heart pounding, bed clothes sopping with sweat...what the heck was that all about?
6 Last Dance 6:39
A fancy ball - straight from a fairy tale.
7 Turning Over 6:08
Turning over in the middle of the night, switching from one dream to another
8 Leaving Home 3:15
A dream for some... a nightmare for others.
9 Lament for the Whales 4:55
Majestic creatures being hunted almost to extinction - we live in sad times when this can happen. This is the first released version of this piece - check out the Modus Operandi album for a more dramatic reworking!