Piano pieces for the romantic.

# Title Length
1 Precipice (You Can Fly) 4:37
On the edge of a very high cliff, you can see the clouds below and, a long way down, you can see the ground... But imagine... just imagine... if... you could fly...
2 Revolving 4:17
During COVID didn't we all feel like we were on a fairground carousel? In lockdown, out of lockdown, R number lower, R number higher, can travel, can't travel?
3 After the Rain 3:43
After the rain, eyes closed, listening to the drips from the trees...
4 Troubled Nightingales 4:33
A special Newsbeat report on BBC Radio 1 grabbed hold of me and wouldn't let go today. The reporter, Ben Mundy, went into the intensive care and Covid areas of a hospital and the upsetting reality was brought home to the listeners by his emotional reporting. It was all the more poignant because he is usually good at keeping emotion out of his reporting (which is a key part of the job) - but hearing him overwhelmed affected me too... So I sat down at the piano and this came out. A tribute to all the nurses having to deal with the emotional deluge on a daily basis; many of them with no emotional outlet than each other... because who else would understand???
5 Lost in Time 3:10
History repeats itself... sometimes in different moods, or different outcomes always unpredictable.
6 Riverbank 6:12
Chilling by the river... no need to say anything more.
7 Elephants in the Sky 4:50
Blue sky, white clouds... use your imagination :-)
8 Missing You 3:20
When someone you love is absent, even for a few days, the heart and soul miss them... even though you know you're not apart for long.
9 Changing Seasons 4:44
Seasons change and so do I" as the old song says..."
10 Promise of Snow 4:10
You know that feeling... the sky is heavy with clouds, the daylight is dull like dusk at noon... you know there's snow on the way... but it's not here yet... Soon.
11 Absent 3:24
On the anniversary of my late wife Sara's passing - I sat down at the piano and wrote this.
12 Lost at Sea 4:50
A pirate loses his loved one to the sea and laments forever more