Faerie Tales & Other Stories

An album of music inspired by fairy tales.

# Title Length
1 Once Upon A Time 7:44
Like all good faerie tales...
2 Chinese Whispers: Dervish 2:12
Chinese Whispers - Part 1 - A devilish dervish.
3 Lost Love 5:13
For some love is a fairy tale in itself... but when you find love and then lose it the fairy tale is all too real.
4 The Court of Intrigue 4:18
Things are afoot in the court of intrigue.
5 The Ball: Love At First Dance 2:33
Prince and Princess... a ball... a dance... and love.
6 The Ball: Prince 2:53
After the ball... the Prince sits and wonders... will I see her again?
7 The Ball: Princess 2:03
After the ball... the Princess sighs... and wishes... will I see him again?
8 Advancing Army 4:31
Kingdoms fight... armies meet.
9 Chinese Whispers: Lonely Minstrel 0:41
Chinese Whipers - Part 2 - A lonely minstrel leans against a tree and strums his guitar.
10 The Tortoise & The Hare 1:58
The classic childrens' story. It begins at the Start line, and then they're off! After a minute or so the hare rests and turtle ambles past... and then at the end the hare wakes up and rushes to the finish line (but not fast enough).
11 Purple Sky 2:53
Peacefull but unsettling at the same time... why is the sky purple? Beauty and unease.
12 Chinese Whispers: The Chase 1:57
Chinese Whispers - Part 3 - A chase on horseback.
13 Tilting At Windmills 10:00
Inspired by the adventures of Don Quixote always rushing to the rescue.
14 Chinese Whispers: Romance 2:33
Chinese Whispers - Part 4 - A romance on the seven seas.
15 Final Battle 5:19
Epic final battle of good against evil. Of course, good is going to win... isn't it?