Colours of Black & White

Relaxing piano for unwinding after a hard day.

# Title Length
1 Dandelion Clocks 5:35
Memories of blowing dandelions to tell the time when I was a little boy... watching the seeds float off on the wind to who knows where.
2 Too Little Sleep 3:33
Written while feeling a lack of sleep due to daylight savings time!
3 Fox Hunt 5:37
A fox hunt from the perspective of the fox. Frantic chase followed by moments when he thinks he's escaped... and then they get his scent again! In the end, of course, he escapes!
4 Autumn Song 2:38
Inspired by the beauty of autumnal colours.
5 Breathe 4:59
After months of work-related stress I finally found space to just... breathe...
6 Sparkling Venice 4:42
Inspired by a trip to Venice, the main melody came to me when I didn't have access to a piano! Luckily it remained with me until I got home.
7 Dawn Mist 2:46
I often see beautiful sunrises on my regular commute to work. This was inspired by a misty morning, one of those where the you can just see the sun in the sky and the floating clouds of mist at ground level.
8 Deliberation 4:13
After spending some forced time recuperating from a hospital procedure this is what I was feeling when I sat at the piano today! It's a little on the dark" side not because anything went wrong
9 Stolen Aspirations 5:05
At the turn of the year when you look back on your achievements and look to future plans there is a mix of emotions based on successful achievements and unfulfilled aspirations... this piece tries to capture that!
10 Empty Nest 3:13
Just a sad piano tune...
11 First Snow 3:01
The first snow starts to fall... tiny flakes drifting down. They melt at first but soon start to form a thin layer of white. The snow falls heavier and faster... forming a thicker, more substantial, layer of snow... The world is white. Winter is here.
12 Straining at the Seams 3:52
This track isn't about the post-Christmas tight-fitting clothes. Nope... it's about stress and strain and how on the surface someone can seem to be okay but under the surface they're stressed, under pressure, and just want to burst. This was inspired by an unusually bad week at work. Mostly I really enjoy my day job so this is an exception... but from the stress came this piece.
13 Stolen Life 1:41
After reading about the senseless and completely unnecessary death of a toddler in a situation that should never have happened I found myself moved to write this piece of music. I can't explain why this one tragedy in a world full of loss and heartache moved me, but it did. I'm sad and angry about this - and if I were to put how I feel into words then this would be a half hour rant... so I'll let the music speak for itself.
14 Moonlight on the Water 4:20
Moonlight reflected on the ripples on the lake...
15 Every Day the Same 3:09
Written on an uneventful day during Covid Lockdown in the UK... this piece evokes the feelings of every day being the same with little differences... and the light at the end of the tunnel is a long way away!!!
16 Time Out 1:40
With all that's going on around the world... panic buying, children at home, shops closing, countries in lockdown, etc I took a moment to just sit at my piano and relax.Take 90 seconds out of your day and just relax and breathe to this peaceful and simple piano piece.
17 Under the Pristine Snow 5:04
What lies under the pristine white snow? What secrets are hidden by the blanket of virginal white?