Continuing the Purple Electronic Evolution - a bit weird and self-indulgent... but mostly just fun!

# Title Length
1 From The Depths 3:08
It's coming... rising up towards the light...
2 Fight or Flight 6:51
Would you run or would you FIGHT? And if you ran... what if you couldn't get away and you had no choice but to turn and fight?
3 Between (Twisted) 4:12
A powerful and twisted version of Between from my solo piano album The Gathering Storm""
4 Typhoon 8:24
Ominous approach, chaos and destruction, the eye of the storm... and then the second wave hits!
5 Cellissimo 5:58
Cellos, cellos, and more cellos!
6 Oriental Clichés 4:30
Take a pentatonic scale, mix in some clichés from oriental music, and a dash of powerful synth bass and you get this.
7 Organish 5:13
Experimental, twisted dance with lots of dance and some mouth-popping sound effects!
8 What Am I? 3:58
The eternal question. Cross-genre soundtrack style music inspired by a scene from an episode of Westworld.
9 Little Ditty 1:45
To be honest it's a bit of a sh**ty little ditty... but it's still a fun minute and a half!