A Fragile State of Mind

ALL proceeds from album streams worldwide during 2023 are being donated to Mental Health charities - Mind and The Young People's Counselling Service (Peterborough, UK)

An attempt to put into music the fragile state of the human mind. Most of the album is the State of Mind suite which depicts the arduous journey of overcoming mental health challenges - from anxiety, stress, and paranoia through a mental break, a moment of catharisis and finally triumph.

# Title Length
1 State Of Mind Part 1 (Peace/Melancholy) 5:58
This depicts calm and tranquillity... taking the time out to just breathe. But this time of peace gives way to a melancholy that threatens to disrupt this fragile state of mind.
2 State Of Mind Part 2 (Panic/Anxiety/Sadness) 3:03
Part 1's peace has been broken. Anxiety and stress are winning, and sadness eventually prevails.
3 State Of Mind Part 3 (Happy Pills) 2:39
After the panic and anxiety of Part 2 this depicts the peace of medication to relieve the mental stress. On top all is fine, but underneath there's a fuzziness and cloudiness.
4 State Of Mind Part 4 (Power Over Paranoia/Doubt) 8:12
With medication you have the power to beat paranoia - the strength to survive. But after all the fighting is done the doubts creep in.
5 State Of Mind Part 5 (Pills Are Not Enough/Schism) 1:44
The realisation that the medication to treat" the anxiety
6 State Of Mind Part 6 (Pressure Building/Catharsis/Picking Up The Pieces) 3:37
After the mental break in Part 5 this section depicts the building pressure of the voices of expectation" all around followed by the cathartic moment of letting it all out. Then all that's left is to start picking up the pieces."
7 State Of Mind Part 7 (Not Okay Is Okay/Jigsaw/Same Person Different Time/Strength) 5:13
The realisation that it's okay to not be okay, picking up the pieces to create a new version of yourself, and the final strength that overcoming adversity imparts.
8 Failing To Fall Asleep 5:38
One those nights where you lie in bed... peaceful... trying to fall asleep. But do you hear something? You lie there listening, realising it's nothing... but your brain is awake and going full steam ahead. No sleep tonight.
9 Radiant 4:14
Some days you just wake up feeling good and full of positivity. No reason... it just is.
10 Power Over Paranoia (Radio Edit) 5:22
A slightly shorter, and self-contained, version of Part 4 of the State of Mind suite. Still with the power to overcome paranoia and the strength to survive, but without the doubt at the end!