The first of many solo piano albums.

# Title Length
1 Tempestuous Sea 4:32
Calm piano with a left-hand melody to start, turning into a stormy temperstuous sea.
2 Celtic Storm 1:33
Traditional celtic 5ths are the bass for this celtic-inspired tune.
3 Babbling Brook (2011 Version) 3:48
Sitting by a small river listening to the chattering of the water as it runs over its bed of stones.
4 Interlude in A♭ 2:44
Take a moment to feel the underlying peace of life as it passes by.
5 Russian Lament 4:19
Russian in feel, with a stonking left hand in the latter minutes.
6 Slumbering Spring 3:53
Late frosts have delayed the spring blooms... but they're slowly readying themselves to wake from their winter slumber.
7 The Storm Within 3:20
Inner turmoil expressed in piano music...
8 Icarus 6:22
Icarus built his wings and flew. He went too close to the sun and burned up, but oh what it must have felt like to soar...!
9 Bracken Moors 5:35
Up on the lonely moors, wandering amongst the bracken.
10 The Year of Incomparable Happiness (2011 Piano Version) 11:56
Written after a period of change in my life, a massive change. This looks back on sadness, turmoil, upheaval... and ultimately happiness.
11 Riverside 2:21
Another water-inspired piece. Not a babbling brook this time but a full fledged river.
12 Wandering 3:03
Wandering aimlessly up and down the keyboard - an allegory for doing the same in life.
13 Rhapsody 4:22
Almost called A Purple Rhapsody" but instead just a simple... rhapsody."