Terry Robinson
Terry Robinson

I'm Terry Robinson and I'm a composer working under the pseudonym Purple Rhapsody. Most of my music is available for download (or on old fashioned CDs) and I've also scored a couple of documentaries.

This site is the gateway to my music and to anything you may need from me! If you'd like to listen to any of my albums in their entirety then please visit the Discography page, select an album, and then just click the Play button on the player.

Additionally if you'd like to 'follow' my musical endeavours click on any of the icons top right! I've also got a blog to which I don't contribute nearly often enough but it's here anyway...!

I'm available for scoring any film, programme, advertisement, or even for arranging orchestral backings for your own songs. Please use the contact form to get in touch and we can discuss your needs.


New album - Interludes & Epiphanies, out April 19th 2013

Interlude and Epiphanies Image

A new piano album from Purple Rhapsody! Released on the 19th April 2013 - check out the discography page.

Purple Rhapsody Live - March 2013

Piano Cloud Image

The Piano Cloud Live is happening in Milton Keynes, UK on the 16th March 2013. Six pianists will participate in an evening of solo piano music in an 'open mic' format. It promises to be an entertaining evening with some great pianists in addition to Purple Rhapsody's own Terry Robinson.

Adversity - the Olympic struggle

Adversity album cover

Adversity is out now for download from all your favourite sites - check out the 'Buy' tab on the left for details! It's a solo piano piece inspired by the trials and tribulations of all athletes, but especially bringing to mind the current Olympic and Paralympic contenders.

Infinity in a clear plastic box

Infinity Plus One album cover

Infinity... Plus One is out now on CD (available from it's discography page) and available for download worldwide from the 29th Febuary. It's a full length album of instrumental music with possibly the most ambitious arrangemnts ever heard from Purple Rhapsody to date!

Christmas Is Coming...

Screamer web poster

A Purple Christmas is out now. It's an EP with four Christmas songs given the Purple Rhapsody treatment. In other words, turned on their heads, changed from major minor, rocked up, slowed down... you name it!

Hallowe'en Is Just Passed...

Screamer web poster

Quite appropriately I just finished work on the soundtrack to a documentary called Screamer - The Art Of Terror. Screamer is an independent film directed by William N. McHugh which follows the fortunes (and misfortunes!) of a group of American horror aficionados trying to make money in the hack and slash world of haunted houses.

A tribute to the single-instrument orchestra...

Pianoforte album

A tribute to one of the few instruments that can produce such a wide range of music without the aid of amplification or special effects, Pianoforte is a full album of original solo piano music performed live by Terry himself.